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best - (comparative and superlative of `properly') wiser or more useful and that's why a good idea; "It could be better to talk to him"; "the White House assumed it best not to respond"

..için en iyisini 為了有最好的結果 на краще بہترین مفاد کے لئے vì những điều tốt đẹp nhất 出于好意

These and various Traditionally literate observers ponder a foreseeable future through which democracy has been bested

Anne imagined These Friday evening gypsyings about the autumnal hills while in the crisp golden air, Along with the homelights of Avonlea twinkling over and above, had been the best and dearest several hours in The full week.

He was now, appropriately, seeking the best dancer (possessed in the indispensable individual attractions) who was to generally be present in the theatres from the Continent.

A.M. Best is additionally a reliable source of insurance policy information and sector intelligence, masking thousands of providers throughout the world through analytical means and information coverage that give a essential viewpoint for educated organization choices.

What's the best way to get to the city centre? (British isles) → مَا هُوَ الطَرِيقُ الَأفْضَلُ لِلْوصولِ لوَسْطِ الـمَدينَةِ؟ → Jak se nejlépe dostanu do centra? → Hvad er den bedste vej til centrum? → Wie komme ich am besten ins Stadtzentrum? → Ποιος είναι ο καλύτερος τρόπος για να πάω στο κέντρο της πόλης; → ¿Cuál es la mejor ruta para ir al centro de la ciudad? → Miten pääsee parhaiten keskustaan? → Quel est le meilleur chemin pour aller au centre-ville ? → Koji je najkraći put do centra grada? → Qual è il modo migliore for each raggiungere il centro della città?

bestselling adj posting → absatzstark, der/die/das am besten geht; author → Erfolgs-; a best novel → ein Bestseller m; this month’s best publications → die Bestsellerliste dieses Monats

→ dem Besten der Sieg!; to put a person’s best foot forward (= hurry) → seinen schnellsten Gang anschlagen; (fig) → sein Bestes geben or tun; the best Element of the year/my money → rapid das ganze Jahr/all mein Geld

(something that is) superior to the greatest extent. the best book on the subject; the best (that) I can perform; She is my best friend; Which technique is (the) best?; The bouquets are at their best just now. beste أفْضَلُ ، الأفْضَلُ най-добър melhor nejlepší beste/-r/-s bedst ο καλύτερος, άριστοςmejor parim بهترین paras le/la meilleur/-eure הַטוֹב בְּיוֹתֵר सर्वोत्तम najbolji legjobb paling baik bestur migliore, il migliore 最良の 가장 좋은 geriausias vislabākais baik bestbestnajlepszy تر ټولو ښه، تر ټولو غوره، تر ټولو ګټور melhor cel mai bun лучший najlepší najboljši najbolji bäst ดีที่สุด en iyi, en iyisi 最好的 найкращий بہترین tốt nhất; đẹp nhất 最好的

En una boda tradicional el novio (bridegroom) va acompañado del best guy, un amigo íntimo o un pariente cercano que tiene la responsabilidad de asegurarse de que todo marche bien en el día de la boda (wedding ceremony day). No hay pues, madrina. El best gentleman se encarga, entre otras cosas, de los anillos de boda, de llevar al novio a la iglesia a tiempo y de dar la bienvenida a los invitados.

highly recommended - worthy of remaining advisable or recommended; prudent or intelligent; "this sort of check here motion is neither needed nor recommended"; "Extraordinary caution is advisable"; "it truly is advisable to phone first"

a deep enclosed Area inside a developing or amongst buildings that is definitely open to the sky to allow mild and air to enter

H2o or pressurized fuel is typically pumped into a nonproducing oil very well to drive petroleum means out of underground reservoirs. See also artesian perfectly.

If precisely what is now said isn't going to make this clear, We are going to make clear it continue to even further: if there need to be Anybody, a very exceptional participant on the flute, but extremely deficient in household and sweetness, while Every of these are more beneficial endowments than a ability in new music, and excel this artwork in a better degree than that participant excels Some others, yet the best flutes must be specified to him; with the superiority [1283a] in magnificence and fortune must have a reference into the organization in hand; but these have none.

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